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Our seller's email address to start the transaction is:  Sales@BuyNameNow.com
Be sure to select "seller pays" on their online escrow form so there are NO other fees.
ALL escrow and transfer fees are already  INCLUDED in the full ownership price.
Make payment to them.  There is no risk because your funds are held securely by Escrow
Services until you confirm you have full control and ownership of the domain name.

First, our express service requires NO paperwork.  The transfer and ownership of the
name is fully completed on the SAME DAY that the buyer's funds are verified
by escrow.

On the day of verification, the buyer will receive an email with a temporary password to a  
new full service domain account.  A new account is created to guarantee security.  This
also insures that the buyer's details match exactly on their new domain ownership record.

This new account is with eNom, one of the largest registrars in the world.  The purchased
domain name will be in that new account.  The buyer only needs to access the new
account and change the password to their own.  Then log-in to escrow and approve that
their domain name has been received.   This will complete the domain ownership transfer!

If the buyer wishes to use a different registrar, the domain can easily be transferred to
any other registrar with absolutely NO penalty.  The buyer only needs to approve and
finalize the escrow transaction first, before transferring the domain away.
Do not increase!  Longer inspections are for tangible items.
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Buying full control and ownership of the domain name.
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  • FULL Ownership  -  NO strings  -  SAME DAY Transfer
  • FREE Transfer Process  -  NO hidden or extra fees.
  • TRUSTED & SECURE Escrow.com Services  
         All escrow costs are included.
  • GREAT Investment -  Works 24-7 never wears out.
  • REGISTERED with eNom  -  2nd largest registrar
        in the world.  You can move the domain to any other
      domain registrar after your purchase with NO penalty.
Only One Domain - When it's gone, it's GONE !
Secure purchase is done through Escrow.com
Domain transferred to
YOU the same day.
Full Ownership Cost
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Secure purchase is done through Escrow.com
Secure purchase is done through Escrow.com